Object of this web site:

1. To promote the awareness of Hong Kong Independence Movement,

2 To explain to the world why Hongkongers possess the right of claiming independence,

3. To point out the immorality and illegality embodied in the British's colonialist rule over Hong Kong (1842-1997) and in the Chinese's takeover of Hong Kong after July 1, 1997,

4. To denounce the illegality of the so-called "Hong Kong Special Administration Region" --- a pro-Beijing puppet regime set up in post-1997 Hong Kong, and

5. To call for international community's support in recognizing Hongkongers' right of independence and the Hongkong Independence Movement (HIM).


1. Introduction of Hong Kong

2. Hongkongers do not want re-unification with China

3. China's intelligence in "One Country, Two Systems" --- to control Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

4. Relevant Essays about Hongkong, Mongolia, Tibet and Taiwan

Free Tibet: To promote Tibet Independence Movement
Independent Party (of Taiwan): To promote Taiwan Independence Movement
New Hongkong : To Promote Hongkong Independence Movement
Amnesty International: To protect human rights
Information Office of Hongkong Government: To know what Hongkong Government announce
Essays about Tibet:
Essays about Taiwan:
Essay about Mongolia:
Essay about Uighur (Xinjiang):
Essays about Hong Kong:
American Foreign Policy towards China:
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Hong Kong

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